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Filo is not just a simple business gift,
but a product designed for people and to help them find what is important for them.

Filo business gift

Filo helps finding what you love

Attach Filo Tag to your personal items.

Make Filo Tag ring using the app and find it in seconds.

Check the map on the Filo app, to see where you forgot your items.

Get notified when you are too far from your personal items.

Press the Filo Tag button and let your smartphone ring, even when it is in silent mode.

Why you will love Filo

Your gift will be appreciated

People love FIlo because it is useful and solves a real problem.

Useful, everyday use

93% of our users use Filo daily.

Your logo, always with them

Your logo will be on a product that people will always have with them.

100% Italian Design & Quality

People love FIlo because it is useful and solves a real problem.

A perfect corporate gift for every budget

Filo Tag

The smallest and loudest Bluetooth tracker ever.
Designed by one of the top Italian designers.

Available in 4 colors and with a neutral latch.


25x41x5 mm

97 db

Replaceable battery. 12 months battery life.

Range up to 80 meters.

Weight 11gr


iOS: iPhone 4s and later. iPad 3rd gen and later.
Android: v4.4 and later.

Visit www.filotrack.com/devices for the complete list of compatible models.

People love Filo and are proud to show it

Filo allows people to find what is important to them,
so the mental association is strongly positive.

Customize Filo with your logo and give it as a gift to clients or employees means to combine your brand with positive moments in their lives.

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